You will find three key concepts involved with non-traditional marketing, innovation and originality, different thinking, and high risk. Online marketing uses online channels to fulfill customers with techniques that are lucrative towards the brand. Offline guerrilla marketing, which somewhat may be the epitome of non-traditional marketing, is unpredicted, drastic and economical. Whenever you consider it this way you will find really a lot of things that online marketing and offline guerrilla marketing share.


In attempting to capture consumers’ attention online, marketers will frequently present all of them with unpredicted content, attractive graphics or surprising titles. This method does not always need to be ‘drastic’ as with the situation of guerrilla marketing, however with all the content available on the web, marketers need to do something slightly from the norm. And ideally, they’ll make a move that does not only captures the consumer’s attention for the reason that instant, but is memorable enough to ensure they are return to that brand’s website, Twitter page, Facebook etc. To do this, brands need to do not only provide unpredicted content and surprising titles they need to then support it with relevant messages and knowledge that is advantageous towards the readers. This way they are able to generate trust and consumer curiosity about their brand.


One of the leading advantages of guerrilla marketing may be the cost. Guerrilla marketing campaigns attempted to create a big, unpredicted splash within an avant-garde, cost-efficient way. Although some big brands purchase guerrilla marketing, it is commonly the smaller sized brands with low marketing budgets using this type of promoting probably the most. Online marketing is comparable in that is one relatively affordable choice for businesses. Techniques for example internet search engine optimisation and tools like blogs and microblogs could be learned and worked out by anybody. Companies that do not comprehend the internet or who don’t put on time to complete their very own marketing will frequently hire an outdoors company to enable them to, however the costs needn’t be high. Obviously, online marketing could be pricey. If brands are searching to employ a large, exterior agency who can combine online campaigns with offline in order to create one, memorable message, and/in order to develop interactive, engaging and incredibly technically advanced online campaigns, they will finish up spending a great deal of money.

The good thing about the web though, is the fact that anybody can publish content and anybody can market that content. The arena has not entirely levelled, but it’s certainly much more equal than it’s have you been before. So whether you are a large brand or perhaps a small one, go for it, making people remember you.