If you have a business, no matter if it is a service business or one that makes physical products, selling will always be the challenge. Today we have more options as the internet gears up to connect everyone to just about everything they could want to buy or use. So even if you have a physical store where you sell those handmade bags or offer that great massage, you would be remiss if you didn’t find a way to sell more through the internet.

But if you have never ventured onto the world of online commerce, how do you even know what to do? Luckily for you there are companies that will not only walk you through it, but offer you a variety of options for payment from your clients. Places like AltaPay can show you how your pos or point of sale purchases can be augmented with online options to capture all the ways you can sell. But if you are a complete newbie you may want to know how to even get yourself started with an online business to add to your physical sales. Here is a brief primer on the best approach.

Start with a Killer Site

Of course, it all starts with your site as it should. If you have a site that people love to visit, that is filled with great information and has a blog people go to for more information related to your business, you have it made. But if you are like many small business owners, you have a site that is plain, boring and doesn’t get many visitors. Your cousin’s kid built it for you a few years ago, it doesn’t get much traffic and you wonder why you bother to continue to have it.

Well, it is time for a revamp because that old tired website needs to be easy to find from Google, easy to look around in to find good information and most of all easy to order from when they want to do this. Put those all together and you will have a site that is visited often, gets you sales and helps you to keep your business going. So, what should this site have to make it better? Listen up.

Who Are These People?

It all starts with the About Us page. Many small businesses fail to create these pages but the truth is many smart online buyers look here first. It tells them if the company is online-smart, tells them who they are dealing with and gives them a sense that if they spend some money here it will be money well spent. So, introduce yourself and your business. Tell us a bit about yourself, why this is a great company and why you are a solid business they should spend their hard-earned money on. Without this, why should I shop from you?

Support What Your Sell

There has to be some kind of customer support on your site or many will simply turn away. After all, would you shop at a store that simply won’t accept returns or even listen to you if you have a problem with something you bought from them?

If you can set up an instant chat, great. But even email is preferable to not having a specific customer support section on your website. Support your customers, make them happy, and they will not only come back, they will give you some love online.