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Being a new investor in online trading, you certainly need all the help you can get. This is why, finding the right online broker is crucial. It is just a good thing that vortex assets can assist you as not all online brokers will protect your interests the way they do. Some are just so engrossed in filling their pockets. With so many online brokers online, being with one that is already established can be a breath of fresh air.

But how will you know if an online brokerage firm is really intent in protecting your interests? What are the signs? This article should help you check the sign if the online broker you are with right now is the right one.

Frequent contact

This should be one of the best signs that the broker is really interested in helping you. He should inform you if there are changes that must be done in your portfolio. At the same time, he must also update you if there are new information he thinks you might be interested. Whether the news is bad or good, he should still inform you being his client.

Excessive trading

There are different ways to trade and the type of account you maintain right from the start should be a reflection of what you want. Like for example if you are after capital appreciation, then investing in stocks or mutual funds was the right choice. If your bottom line is to generate income, then you should be invested bonds which are income generating assets. Your broker should have guided you right from the start. If there are investments that don’t really fit your bottom line, this should be checked.

Another thing you should be wary of is the one they call churning. This is when your broker will do too much trading even when this is not agreed in the outset of your relationship. As every trade means commission to them, this process will only diminish your capital while filling his pocket.


Just like any profession these days, brokers should also be continuously updated with their craft so that they can be more effective in guiding or in managing the finances of their investors. There are those when at the strike of 5pm, they will right away bolt to the doors while there are also those that will stay for awhile to learn more about the system. Note that being in a changing world, there are always updates wherever which system you are part of. This is why. To ensure that you are with the right broker, inquire if he is still pursuing any credentials as that means he is more interested in becoming effective. But if that is not the case, then you should consider changing your broker.

Online trading is all about strategies. However, if your guide is not well updated, his strategies might be already old school and of course you will be affected since you are under his wing.

Author bioMichael Smith is one of the most reliable brokers in Vortex Assets you can trust. With his long years in this business, you can soon trade like a pro.

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